500 Search Queries: Comparing ChatGPT and Google’s Performance

500 Search Queries: Comparing ChatGPT and Google’s Performance


In recent years, language models like ChatGPT and Google have become the most efficient technology for search engine queries with their advanced algorithms and language processing capabilities. There has been a lot of debate over which is the best search engine, and this comparison could shed some light on the issue.

A recent survey by SurgeHQ compared the chatbot model, ChatGPT, and Google’s search engine against 500 search queries to determine which was more accurate. The results were surprising, and this article aims to analyze the survey and show you the key takeaways.

SurgeHQ Survey: ChatGPT vs. Google

According to the survey, human evaluators preferred ChatGPT 42% of the time and Google 40% of the time. The remaining 18% of the queries resulted in ties between both technologies.

ChatGPT: Pros and Cons

ChatGPT is a new AI technology, but it has captured significant attention in the tech world due to its advanced algorithm and language processing capabilities. Here are some pros and cons of ChatGPT:

Pros of ChatGPT

  1. Programming-related queries: ChatGPT proved better than Google for programming-related questions, with a preference rate of 70%.

  2. Customized Responses: ChatGPT can provide customized, specific responses to queries.

Cons of ChatGPT

  1. Inaccurate Responses: ChatGPT was less reliable in answering questions related to citing a book and a fictional character.

  2. Not good at queries related to real-world entities: ChatGPT’s lower preference rate for queries related to real-world entities and facts might be a disadvantage.

Google: Pros and Cons

Google is the most prominent search engine, with a vast user base. Here are some pros and cons of Google:

Pros of Google

  1. Better for real-world entities: Google is more accurate when it comes to queries related to real-world entities.

  2. More Stable: Google is a stable platform, with very few instances of downtime.

Cons of Google

  1. Inability to provide customized responses: While ChatGPT can provide customized responses, Google cannot, which is a significant disadvantage.

  2. Statistics are not in favor: According to the Survey, Google received ties or lower preference in 58% of the queries, which is not a good sign.


The survey indicates that ChatGPT and Google are relatively competitive. ChatGPT performed better in programming-related queries, but it was less stable in other areas. Meanwhile, Google was better at answering queries related to real-world entities, but it could not provide customized responses.

However, keep in mind that this comparison doesn’t mean that ChatGPT is better than Google. The results are not statistically significant, and there could have been at least some bias involved in the survey.

It’s also worth noting that Google’s response to queries about how to search for tweets from a specific date on Twitter was better than ChatGPT’s response. Similarly, ChatGPT had inaccuracies in some of its responses related to citing a book and a fictional character.


  1. Is the survey’s sample size adequate to determine which technology is better?

The sample size is not considerable statistically. So, it may not be an adequate way to determine which search engine is better.

  1. Is ChatGPT a threat to Google’s monopoly in the search engine industry?

The survey’s results don’t tell us that. However, ChatGPT is an emerging technology, and its capabilities are growing by the day.

  1. Can ChatGPT compete against Google in the future?

It’s challenging to say for sure. Google has had a long reign with more than half the search engine market share. But ChatGPT could be a worthy competitor with its advanced language processing capabilities.

  1. Which of the two technologies is more user-friendly?

Both Google and ChatGPT are user-friendly, but ChatGPT has the edge for its ability to provide personalized responses to queries.

  1. Should I stop using Google now?

No, you shouldn’t! Google still has a significant user base worldwide, and it’s a reliable and stable search engine. Nonetheless, ChatGPT is an excellent alternative to consider for certain queries, especially programming-related ones.

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