Article Spinning my Experience and Tips

Like any blogger, we are always looking for new content, and many times we despair and want to see our site grow faster. Currently, an article that we want to rank for a low competition keyword on google generally requires a minimum of 2000 to 3000 words, be original and hook the public.

f we consider that Google likes a website to have at least 30 articles before sending it some organic traffic and that an article must be on the web for 6 months to a year to start attracting some traffic, everything can become a long or complicated process, since all that time we have to continue investing time and money before seeing any retribution, so some are looking for ways to get more quality content on their websites quickly.

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And if you have not heard of it, I will tell you that there is something called “article spinning”, a technique that takes an original article generally called “seed article” and uses changes of syntax and synonyms to create thousands of versions of the same article, many see this practice as a way to create abundant content and in a simple way either to strengthen a web page more quickly but especially for off-page SEO purposes.

I recently started to play with a software that does this kind of thing, at first with a little fear because there is much talk that this type of practice can be considered as a gray hat technique in the world of SEO and that therefore you can be penalized by Google since Google has invested a large number of resources in being able to detect these types of practices, especially if they are of low quality.


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However, I found that a good tool of this one can be very useful and can help us a lot if we use it wisely, so here are the tips about what I have learned in recent months using a spinner:

– Choose a quality spinner that makes good syntax and gives you options for additional manual modeling. The only spinner I use is this CLICK HERE

– Do not let the machine do everything, take the time to review your article and verify that the possibilities of words make sense, eliminate options where you do not want them, and add other words that you like, in this way you will create a super natural article and really you can get several versions of it with one click.

– Use PLR ​​articles that have no licensing issues and that you can use without worries.

– Complete the spinning post with your own descriptions or extra words that add value. With this, I want to tell you that the seed article can give you a good starting base but if you complement it with several of your own statements you will create something with much more value for the internet world.

– An excellent option to get new content is to take some of your videos, extract the transcript, turn it into an article and use the spinner to create two or three more versions for SEO purposes.

– To create small articles it is good to record yourself talking about a topic for about 5 to 10 minutes, then transcribe it, and voilá, from there you could have your new original articles and seed to use with a spinner.

These tips that I tell you are so that you can see that the tool of a spinner is not to make you rich overnight or to automate everything, but it is not something that you have to avoid completely, I think that if we use it wisely we can make life easier and still be contributing a lot on our websites.

Again I leave you the link of the only spinner I use, and if as an additional gift I leave you a special bonus with thousands of freely licensed posts (PLR) with which you can play without having to pay for them.

Greetings and see you soon,

Stela Ahau

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