Discover 15 Expert Canva Hacks to Master in Less Than 10 Minutes

15 Expert Canva Hacks to Master in Less Than 10 Minutes


Canva is a popular online graphic design tool that offers a wide range of features and tools to create stunning designs easily. Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or a beginner looking to enhance your design skills, Canva provides numerous hacks that can make your design process faster and more efficient. In this article, we will explore 15 expert Canva hacks that you can master in less than 10 minutes.

1. Using the Outline Tool to Make Fonts Look Bolder

Do you want your text to stand out more? Canva’s Outline tool allows you to add an outline to your text, making it look bolder and more prominent. By adjusting the color and thickness of the outline, you can achieve the desired effect and make your text pop.

2. Using Keywords from Selected Images to Find Similar Images

Finding the right image can sometimes be a challenge. However, Canva has a feature that allows you to search for similar images based on keywords. By using the keywords from a selected image, Canva’s library will display a list of related images, saving you time and effort in searching for the perfect image.

3. Scalable Vectors and Traditional Graphics in Canva

Canva offers two types of graphics: scalable vectors and traditional graphics. Scalable vectors can be resized without losing any quality, making them perfect for creating high-resolution designs. Traditional graphics, on the other hand, may appear pixelated when enlarged. Choosing the right type of graphic for your design is essential to maintain the best visual quality.

4. Creating Color Palettes with Vector Graphics

Vector graphics in Canva are not only useful for resizing; they can also be used to create color palettes. By selecting a vector graphic, you can extract its colors and use them to create a harmonious color scheme for your design. This feature can save you time in selecting and experimenting with different color combinations.

5. Generating Color Palettes with Canva’s AI

If you’re unsure about the color scheme for your design, let Canva’s AI assist you. By selecting a photo, Canva’s AI can generate a color palette based on the colors present in the image. This helps you create a visually appealing design that matches the overall theme and mood of the photo.

6. Align Tools for Easy Element Placement

Precise alignment is crucial in design to create a polished and professional look. Canva offers align tools that allow you to easily align and space elements in your design. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that your elements are perfectly aligned, saving you time and effort in manual adjustments.

7. Increasing Image Resolution with Canvas Size

If you want to increase the resolution of your image, you can do so by adjusting the canvas size in Canva. By increasing the canvas size, you effectively enhance the image resolution, making it appear sharper and more detailed. This hack is particularly useful when you want to print your design in high quality.

8. Creating Paintings and Cartoons with Prisma

Did you know that Canva has a painting app called Prisma? With Prisma, you can transform your images into stunning paintings or cartoons. This feature adds a unique and artistic touch to your designs, making them more visually appealing and engaging.

9. Accessing Image Source Information

When using images in your design, it’s important to know their source and licensing information. Canva provides information about the source of an image, including whether it has a public domain license. This ensures that you use images that are appropriate and legally allowed for commercial use.

10. Smart Mockups for Custom Designs

Canva offers Smart Mockups, which are pre-designed templates that allow for customization. These mockups are perfect for showcasing your designs in a realistic and professional way. By using Smart Mockups, you can easily present your work to clients or on social media platforms.

11. Combining Images with the Crop Tool

If you want to create a collage or combine multiple images together, Canva’s crop tool can help you achieve that. By cropping and resizing images, you can seamlessly merge them into one cohesive design. This hack adds versatility and creativity to your designs.

12. Using Canva’s Outline Tool to Create Typography

Typography plays a crucial role in design, and Canva’s Outline tool can take your typography to the next level. By using the Outline tool, you can create unique and eye-catching text designs that stand out. Experiment with different colors and thicknesses to create visually stunning typography.

13. Designing with Canva’s Layers

Layers are an essential component of graphic design, allowing you to organize and manipulate different elements within your design. Canva’s layer feature enables you to easily arrange elements in the desired order, making it easier to manage complex designs and create depth and dimension.

14. Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficient Designing

To speed up your design process, Canva offers keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly perform various actions. Memorizing these shortcuts can significantly increase your efficiency and save you time spent on navigating the interface and selecting tools.

15. Canva’s Collaboration Feature for Teamwork

If you’re working on a design project with a team, Canva’s collaboration feature is invaluable. It enables multiple users to work on the same design simultaneously, making it easier to collaborate and share ideas. This hack enhances communication and streamlines the design process for teams.


With these 15 expert Canva hacks, you can take your design skills to the next level in less than 10 minutes. From creating bold typography to finding the perfect image, Canva offers a wide range of tools and features to make your design process faster and more efficient. Incorporate these hacks into your workflow, and you’ll be able to create stunning designs with ease.


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