How to make a Coloring Book FAST with AI Midjourney Chat GPT and Canva

Using the power of AI, with just a few clicks, you can transform any image idea into a fun and engaging coloring page, which you can then put together into a coloring book and publish on Amazon KDP.

If this is the first time you’ll be creating a book to publish on KDP, then I highly recommend you start out by watching my other video on low-content journal publishing first as that video will show you all the foundational knowledge you will need in order to get started. If you already have a specific coloring book idea in mind, then you can probably skip this step.

The next step is to generate 25 coloring page ideas relating to number 10 above, and I put number 10 because that was the 10th idea that they generated in the last query removed so let’s see what they come up with:

  • A hamster flying a hot air balloon over a cityscape
  • A hamster exploring a mysterious ancient temple
  • A cute hamster surfing on a giant wave
  • A tiny hamster in clothes
  • A little hamster surfing on a child wave
  • A hamster looking at the stars
  • A hamster in a teacup
  • A hamster on a tropical island
  • A hamster in space
  • A hamster riding a bike
  • A hamster in a fairy garden
  • A hamster in a treehouse
  • A hamster in a garden
  • A hamster in a castle
  • A hamster in a forest
  • A hamster in a pumpkin patch
  • A hamster in a snow globe
  • A hamster in a meadow
  • A hamster in a pond
  • A hamster in a flower field
  • A hamster in a zoo
  • A hamster in a bakery
  • A hamster in a library
  • A hamster in a classroom

You can definitely generate more than 25, but you can certainly generate more to with ghosts and clothes.

The next step is to enlarge the coloring page using AI Image Enlarger tool, and then we’re going to hop on into Canva to start creating our actual coloring book. We’re using Canva for both our cover as well as the interior for the book. I already have a page set up for our interior with the correct margins and page sizes. We’re done with all of the coloring pages, and we’re going on to the right size for an A4 coloring book’s interior. We’ll use Canva to put it in the right corner, and the coloring book will be ready.

Creating a Coloring Book: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to creating a coloring book, the most common size is 8.5 by 11 inches. To ensure the best customer experience, it’s recommended to have a blank page after each coloring page, repeating the process until you have at least 24 pages. Here are some tips and tricks to consider:

  • Watch a tutorial on low content book publishing for foundational knowledge on page sizes, margins, and bleed.
  • Alternate coloring pages with blank pages to avoid colors bleeding through and ensure a better customer experience.
  • Utilize a blank page for the back of each coloring page.
  • Use a good quality image to create the cover that aligns with the book size ratio.
  • Add a short description to describe what the book is all about.

Creating the Coloring Pages

Repeat the process of creating a coloring page until you have at least 24 pages. Ensure that the back of each page is blank to avoid colors bleeding through. Use a new image for each page and make sure there are no blurry lines.

Designing the Cover

Utilize Canva and Midjourney to create the cover. Use an aspect ratio of 17 by 22 and a good quality image that aligns with the book size ratio. Add a short description to describe what the book is all about.

Finishing Touches

Once the coloring book is complete, ensure that it’s ready to be downloaded as a PDF and uploaded into Amazon KDP. Add some sample pages and a name for the book to the back cover, and make sure the cover is consistent and has a good quality image. Finally, add a short section with the name of the book and a brief description to the front cover.

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