Midjourney Image to Text – NEW FEATURE – My First Impression

As an avid user of Midjourney, I was thrilled to hear about their latest feature – image to text conversion. This innovative tool promises to make our lives easier by allowing us to extract text from images effortlessly. In this article, I’ll share my first impression of this new feature and how it can benefit content creators, students, and professionals alike. Join me as we explore the exciting possibilities of Midjourney’s image to text conversion.


Midjourney, the popular AI-powered bot, has introduced an exciting new feature called “Describe,” which turns an image into a text prompt. This feature has immense potential for various creative applications, and the possibilities are endless.

Midjourney Image to Text – NEW FEATURE – My First Impression

After hearing about the new “Describe” feature, I couldn’t wait to try it out. True to its reputation, Midjourney did not disappoint. The process was simple: I accessed the feature by entering “/describe” and dropping in the image.

The images I used for the feature were a mouse in golden armor and a well-known image of New York construction workers. The prompts generated were incredible and had significant potential for various creative applications.

Impressive and Creative Prompts

The prompts generated by Midjourney’s new feature were impressive and thought-provoking. The feature uses the relationship between text and image to create clever prompts that include unique styles and scenes. For instance, the prompt generated for the image of a mouse in golden armor was creatively written in a fairytale-like style. Similarly, the prompt generated for the image of New York construction workers was a thoughtful reflection on the city’s history and its people.

Discrepancies and Irrelevant Information

While the majority of the prompts were impressive, there were some discrepancies and irrelevant information in some of the prompts generated. For example, for the image of the mouse in golden armor, some of the prompts generated talked about a princess and her castle, which was not present in the image. However, these were minor issues that did not detract from the overall quality of the feature.

The Potential for Creative Applications

The “Describe” feature has enormous potential for creative applications. With the help of the prompts generated, we can create stories, poems, and even advertising campaigns, or social media posts. The feature can also prove to be a valuable tool for game developers, as it can help them create unique characters and narratives quickly.


In conclusion, my initial experience with the new “Describe” feature from Midjourney was impressive. The feature’s ability to turn an image into a text prompt and generate creative and thought-provoking prompts is impressive. While it is not perfect and has some inaccuracies, the feature does have tremendous potential for various creative applications. I’m excited to explore how this new feature can bring more creativity to my work.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How can I access the “Describe” feature from Midjourney?
    Ans: You can access the “Describe” feature by entering “/describe” on the Midjourney bot and dropping in the image.

  2. Can I use the “Describe” feature to create my stories and poems?
    Ans: Absolutely! The prompts generated from the feature can be used to create unique stories, poems, and other creative works.

  3. Does the “Describe” feature generate accurate prompts every time?
    Ans: While the majority of prompts generated are accurate and impressive, some minor discrepancies and irrelevant information may occur.

  4. What kind of applications can the “Describe” feature have?
    Ans: The feature has potential for various creative applications, including game development, advertising campaigns, social media posts, and more.

  5. Are there any limitations to the “Describe” feature?
    Ans: The feature’s accuracy depends on the image used and the text-to-image relationship. Some images may not generate as accurate prompts as others.

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