Puzzle Book Mastery Review: The Ultimate Cloud-Based Software for Creating Profitable Puzzle Books

If you’re looking to tap into the hot market for puzzle books and generate a passive income stream, Puzzle Book Mastery is a must-have tool. This innovative cloud-based software and training program allows you to create professional-quality puzzle books in mere minutes, ready to publish and sell on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

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Puzzle Book Mastery is a cloud-based puzzle book software and video training to create puzzles, puzzle books, and activity books in minutes and sell on Amazon and other online marketplaces, and make huge passive income.

What is Puzzle Book Mastery? Developed by a seasoned software developer and author with over 20 years of combined experience, Puzzle Book Mastery is a proprietary software solution that simplifies the puzzle book creation process. With just a few clicks, you can generate word searches, cryptograms, sudoku puzzles, and more – all without needing any special skills or knowledge. Get Puzzle Book Mastery CLICK HERE

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based access from anywhere
  • Create puzzle books for adults and kids in seconds
  • Includes training on publishing and selling on Amazon
  • No website, list, or advertising required
  • Unlimited puzzle book creation (with upsell)
  • Supports additional puzzle types like word matches and scrambles (upsell)
  • Advanced output formatting options (upsell)
  • Activity book creation training (upsell)
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Benefits of Using Puzzle Book Mastery

  1. Tap into a Hot, Evergreen Market Puzzle books are perennially popular, with a spike in demand during the holiday season. By offering a wide range of puzzle varieties for all ages, you can capitalize on this evergreen niche and generate consistent sales year-round.
  2. True Passive Income Potential Once you’ve created and published your puzzle books, they can continue generating income with minimal effort on your part. A recent case study cited a publisher earning $249.77 in a single day from just one puzzle book!
  3. No Overhead Costs Unlike traditional publishing, creating puzzle books with Puzzle Book Mastery requires no upfront costs. You can publish your books for free on Amazon’s Kindle Print platform and start earning royalties immediately.
  4. Easy to Use, Even for Beginners The software’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive training make it accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience level. You don’t need any special skills or a website to get started.

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User Testimonials

“Puzzle Book Mastery helps me save lots of time in creating puzzles… It used to take me weeks to put one of these books together. Now it took minutes.” – Daniel Wearne

“Overall, this puzzle software is fantastic! I have a very valuable product on my hands! With the Puzzle Book Mastery software, the heavy lifting is done for me.” – Kate Metu

“There are other online websites that make puzzles, but just one at a time. With Puzzle Book Mastery, I can make hundreds at once. I love this!” – Caleb Egi

Pricing and Upsells

The front-end Puzzle Book Mastery product is available for $37 and includes the core software with limited features and usage. Several upsells are available to unlock additional features, such as unlimited puzzle creation, more puzzle types, advanced formatting options, and activity book training.

Puzzle Book Mastery Upsell And OTOs

Puzzle Book Mastery Launch Price

The price stated here is the early birds-price. The product creator may increase the price soon. Take action today, and get this software at the minimal price. Click any of the buy button to get yours from the official website before the price goes up.

Front End Product ($37 Standard Level)

The front end product has limited use and limited features of the software. You can easily make puzzle books at this standard level. There are three puzzles types (word search, cryptogram, sudoku). You can use the software only 100 times per calendar month.

Upsell OTO 1 ($37 Pro Level)

This upsell provides unlimited use (no limits on how many books can be generated). There are two additional puzzle types (word match, word scramble). This also includes niche research, Amazon ads training, and ability to put headers on the pages (branding).

Upsell OTO 2 ($67 Master Level)

This upsell provides activity book training and advanced output. Activity books are a natural extension of puzzle books. The advanced output feature gives members full control of how to format their puzzles.

In conclusion, Puzzle Book Mastery is a game-changer for anyone looking to tap into the lucrative puzzle book market. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive training, and potential for passive income, this software is a wise investment for both beginner and experienced publishers alike.

 Proprietary software and training
 Cloud based, access anywhere
 Solid business model, passive profits
 No list, website, or special skills needed
 No previous experience needed
 Thousands have taken this training
 World leading product for creating puzzle books
 Publish books on Amazon, Etsy, and other markets
 Works with both free and paid traffic
 Perfect for beginners and experienced

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