Vidnami Review – Is It Worth it?

I’m Writing this Vidnami Review because I know videos are getting more popular each day and they will continue like that.  People nowadays prefer to watch than reading.  Watching a short video, even a 5 minutes long one, can tell us a lot more about a product or service than reading for 20 minutes.

The problem is that it’s not so easy creating engaging videos, the design can be tedious, difficult and cost a lot of money… well until now.  Today we can access artificial intelligence tools as this product that I’m going to talk about called Vidnami.  This is a video marketing tool that really can help us as online marketers because you know, we have to have a presence on video (80% of traffic is there).

What is Vidnami?

Vidnami is an online video app that allows us to create engaging viral videos, quickly and professionally created. We can use its artificial intelligence and its easy to use software to create social share videos, sales page videos, and course videos with just a few clicks of the button.  With ready-made templates, it will be very easy to get your video created and uploaded.

It also handles a lot of the tech challenges of creating stunning and effective videos because everything that we need is already available in the Vidnami Platform. You don’t need any sort of advanced editing skills what so ever, Vidnami automatically combines your text, clips, voice track, and music.

What’s Included With Vidnami?

Vidnami includes all the resources to start creating professional videos. For example:

  • Thousands of royalty-free images, video clips and Full Motion Video Backgrounds to built-in voice-over audio.  Just add your script and let Vidnami build the video for you.
  • Hundreds of Fonts and Text Animations.
  • Over 30,000 royalty-free music tracks from Storyblocks to choose from.
  • 790,000+ clips of video to accompany your text, and the best of all it’s that the task of providing the clip for each moment in your video is made by the artificial intelligence of Vidnami.
  • Automated Captions: Vidnami can understand your voice and transcript it to create captions in your video. This is very important because in social media many people have the sound off, but if you have captions then you can get their attention with that.
  • 14 Automatic Text to Speech Voices that sounds good and natural.
  • Dynamic Modalities for Five Types of Videos:
    • Influencer Videos. You can add your captions automatically here with this feature.
    • Content Videos. This is very powerful because this feature can convert any blog post or text in a video!. Vidnami software organizes your text and provides video clips to match that and create your content video.
    • Video Ads. They have many templates ready for you to customize with your business info.
    • Sales Videos. Explain how your product helps people to solve a problem, just add your script and let Vidnami create a sales video that astonishes and draws attention.
    • Course and Training Videos.

They got literally almost anything you can imagine, you can use the templates they provide to create your videos or use your own material as your logo.

Vidnami Demo – How to create a Sales Video

Who is Vidnami For?

Vidnami is for individuals and businesses looking to create a video marketing strategy without the huge sacrifice of time and production costs. As an internet or affiliate marketer, this is a great software that will allow you to quickly and easily create videos for products and services you want to promote and recommend to others.

How To Use Vidnami?

Using this tool is very easy.  The first step is to create a new video by selecting from one of the many professional pre-made templates.

Next, you will need to paste your script or text in the “script” page.  Vidnami will then use this script to automatically generate a video for you by analyzing the text and matching it up with images and video clips from its library of millions.

Afterward, you will be able to fine-tune each slide/clip by changing/adding text, changing out images or video clips if you want, and much more.

Lastly, you will want to add voice and/or background noise to your video.  It has several options that give you full control ease and professionalism.

Once you add your audio or let Vidnami create it for you using it’s AI technology, you can then preview the video, further edit it by adjusting the timing and length, then you can generate the video to download and use.

Vidnami Review – Pricing

  • 47 USD per month
  • or 397 USD annually

Does Vidnami Have a Discount?

I Found two options to get Vidnami at a special price:

  • The First one is a Free 14 days trial that you can grab here.
  • The Second option is a permanent 25% discount coupon, which it’s very good because you have the discount each month, not just the first one, I don’t know if there is a limited number of coupons but you can try to grab one for you here:

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