Why You Shouldn’t Publish on KDP and Choose This Platform Instead

Introduction: Why You Shouldn’t Publish on KDP and Choose This Platform Instead

When it comes to publishing your eBooks, there is no shortage of options to choose from. One popular platform many authors turn to is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). While KDP has its advantages, there is another platform that offers even greater benefits and opportunities for authors. In this article, I will explain why you shouldn’t publish on KDP and instead choose this platform, which offers higher royalties, a broader audience reach, and faster payment options. So, let’s dive in!

Higher Royalties and Increased Earnings

  1. YouTube allows me to publish my eBooks and earn more per sale compared to Amazon’s KDP. While KDP offers a royalty rate of up to 70%, YouTube can provide even higher profits, allowing authors to earn up to 95% of the revenue from eBook sales.

  2. Additionally, YouTube offers a merch shelf where I can showcase and sell my eBooks. This provides an additional avenue for generating income and increasing my earnings.

Broader Audience Reach and Instant Fulfillment

  1. By publishing on YouTube, I can reach a different audience compared to KDP. YouTube has over two billion monthly active users, providing authors with a massive pool of potential readers and buyers.

  2. Furthermore, fulfillment for eBook sales on YouTube is instantaneous, unlike the 60-day wait on KDP. This means that once a reader purchases my eBook, they can start reading it immediately, enhancing the user experience and potentially leading to increased sales.

Faster Payment Options

  1. With platforms like Spring, I can get paid within one to seven working days after requesting a payout. This is a significant advantage over KDP, where authors often have to wait up to sixty days for their royalties to be paid.

  2. The faster payment options provided by YouTube and related platforms allow authors to have more control over their cash flow and receive their earnings more promptly.

Qualifying for the YouTube Partner Program

  1. YouTube now allows channels with 500 subscribers, 3,000 watch time hours, and three recent video uploads to join the YouTube Partner program. This program offers several additional benefits to authors.

  2. Building subscribers and watch time is possible by creating valuable content and sharing videos through playlists. This can help authors attract a dedicated audience and earn more through the YouTube Partner program.

  3. Qualifying for the YouTube Partner program also brings additional benefits like channel memberships, super chats, super thanks, and shopping integration. These features further enhance the revenue potential for authors and provide unique ways to monetize their content.


By choosing to publish your eBooks on YouTube instead of KDP, you can enjoy higher royalties, reach a broader audience, and receive faster payments. With platforms like Spring and the YouTube Partner program, authors have more control over their earnings and access to additional monetization opportunities. So, why limit yourself to just one platform when you can explore new avenues for success? Give YouTube a chance, and you won’t be disappointed.


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