Hello, I’m Stela, I’m from Mexico. I studied Economics many years ago and worked in the government for 5 years, and then I saw all the problems with retirement plans, and also all the tensions just to preserve the job, so I decided to become an independent entrepreneur, first I began in the world of alternative therapies and offering my courses or consultation services with family and friends. After that, I needed more public so I started using Facebook pages and lists in WhatsApp, but I have never tried a blog or a website until life pushed me to go further. 

My mom died in 2016 and beside her, I didn’t have anyone else who can help me to survive, so I needed to take more seriously my intentions to have a business online. Then I decided that if I were going to do that then I had to look for the best people, honest people with real results that I could learn from, and that is when I meet my principal mentor John Thornhill and began to understand what really works on the internet marketing world, how to avoid what doesn´t work, and began to do little task step by step in order to build real success.

This blog is the witness of all my effort, learning experience, and a gift for all the people who are looking for real info to succeed online.