WP Affiliate Review – How Did I find this course + Many Bonuses!

Some of you have asked me, what theme did I use to build this blog for the first time, and also how did I learn all the configuration details to make it work.


How Did I find WP Affiliate Suite Course?

Well, It was a coincidence how I got to the website that would give me all the information I needed. In fact, I was learning about video marketing and making some experiments to rank some review videos, and I did pretty good with Video Blaster (click to know more about it) and then I started to pay attention to the channels that were in the first places of the ranking, and one of them was Chris, so I saw that he is dedicated very professionally to make reviews (I would like to be in that level someday) and I made the decision to read the descriptions of his videos, and I noticed that he always puts there his “recommended programs” or tools, and then I saw this course of WP Affiliate Suite.

Then I visited the site and I thought “ok, I think that I can learn some things from this”, especially because I was just about to start my personal blog, so I wanted to have a nice one, and have more tips to make it work.


How Did I Choose a WP Affiliate Theme?

Also, I was looking for a good looking theme because the first recommendation that I get from my mentor John Thornhill was to use an Elegant Pro Theme from Divi, or something like that, but I did have so much money to do that, then I was lucky because my hosting service was offering WP Pro Themes included in the hosting plan, but when I looked at all the themes there (they were like 60 themes) no one convinced me, maybe because many of them were dedicated to online stores, or specific business lines like coaching or cupcakes, and I was looking for a blog theme.

So when I saw the look of the WP Affiliate Themes, I just thought that was a nice plus for me to consider. Of course, I first took all the course before I decide to use one of these themes, and at the end I was convinced to do that because of all the features and esthetic that they have. A theme is included in the course, it is the “Affiliate Marketing” Theme, but if you like you can purchase another theme for your niche individually or in a bundle.

The Basic Training in WP Affiliate Suite – Temary

To say that this course is basic is just a mean, because in fact, I was pleased with all the rich and detailed explanations that the course have, really very important information that anyone that is starting with affiliate marketing needs, here you have a list of the topics covered by this course. There are two sections the first one Affiliate Marketing Training:

  1. What is affiliate Marketing and results.
  2. How Affiliates make money
  3. What is Launch Jacking
  4. Affiliate Networks to join
  5. Getting Approved for networks
  6. Researching niches and products
  7. Choosing the right keywords

And the second one WordPress Training:

  1. Importance of webhosting
  2. Picking a Domain Name
  3. Buy Hosting and Domain
  4. Installing WordPress
  5. Create a Website Email
  6. Importing WP Theme
  7. Important Settings
  8. Overview of WP Plugins
  9. Customizing a Theme
  10. Categories & Menus
  11. Add an Opt In NewsLetter
  12. Writing your articles and Reviews
  13. Results
  14. Cloaking affiliate Links
  15. Banner and ads
  16. Getting your post indexed in Google
  17. Clicky Analytics
  18. Checklist

The Advanced Training in WP Affiliate Suite

There are 2 advanced pieces of training inside WP Affiliate Suite:

  1. Advanced SEO Training
  2. Affiliate Coupon Strategy

At the moment I just took the second one, and I have to say that it is very good and it is worthy. Very useful to gain trust from your visitors and a strategy that no so many people is using. Also, I’m very interested in the Advanced SEO training because just taking the basic course gave me very important info to rank in google… so I’m sure the advanced training is going to give us a good advantage to do it better.

WP Affiliate Suite Pricing Discount and Bonuses

The price is really a gift for such a high-quality course: only 97 USD, but don’t worry here we have a discount for you to get it for only 16.95 USD! 

And Besides that, using this link https://stelaahau.com/WPAffiliateSuite is going to give you all these extra bonuses:

I hope all this info were useful for you and that this tool helps you in your path to success.

Thanks for reading,


Stela Ahau


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