Why You Should Use Be Using WordPress

What is WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic solution to the need of have website but don’t know anything about how to build one, coding, or money to pay a professional coder to help you to build it. That’s why the more I use WordPress the more I love it.

WordPress is a really powerful software to help you build your website with easy and total control over it, for example:

Advantages of WordPress

  • Control the appearance: You can choose among hundreds of themes (free ones or for a fee) and make your website look professional in just minutes with no more effort than a click.
  • Control the core functions: You can install a lot of the called “plug ins” to extend a great variety of functions of your website.
  • Control of the structure without knowing about HTML or CSS (programming language).
  • Control over the organization of your content: WordPress has the “Categories” feature to organize your posts, so people can search by their interest instead of get lost on the archives by date.
  • Control about RSS Ping: with WordPress you can connect your blog to several RSS feeds that are hungry for new content to display. This can save you a lot of work in terms of building backlinks and start getting traffic.
  • Control about changes in your website: You can easily change the content of your publications or the appearance of your website without the need to know programming and rebuild all the code. Also you can use a builder plug in like Elementor with drop and drag functions to add or remove content from your post or pages.

Where to Learn How to Use WordPress

You can learn by reading blog posts, on youtube or google but I highly recommend an structured course like WP Affiliate Suite with all the Pro Tips and Walktroughs to take your hand and get you step by step trough all the process of building your website. This because there are some important decisions that you have to make from the beginning before start generating content, like hosting, or the correct theme or structure and if you arrive to that information later it can affect severely the potential of your Website or Blog.

I’ll be writing more about WordPress in next post so stay tuned, and remember if you like the post: comment, share and smile.

Thanks for reading, see you soon

Stela Ahau

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