What is the most important Habit of the Law of Attraction?

Most people that want to have success in different areas of their life hear about the Law of Attraction, but where to begin?, What is the most important habit of The Law of Attraction?

When we are not conscious of how our mind works we live our lives just reacting to the different situations, we are not conscious about our inner ability to choose, but when we start applying the Law of Attraction principles we start to take control. And there are a lot of habits in terms of manifestation but one of the most basics and also the most important is the Power of Intention.

How to implement the Power of Intention?

An Intention is a declaration of a goal or an objective of what we want to do, have, or be. In order to be more specific, we can start by answering the question: What do I want? what do you want to do, have or be?. And with this, you can have a global answer about what you want for your life. But an improvement to this habit is to bring it all this to the present moment by asking yourself What do I want Now?. This can make your mind to be more accurate and avoid to have vague or useless thoughts. So now your mind can become more targeted, in other words, what we are doing here is “shepherd” the mind, so it cannot go for all over the place, and bring it back here, to a focused state.

What implies the Power of Intention?

To do this questions as a habit implies that you align your body and mind to go to a particular direction, and all the chemistry in you is going to cooperate to go there, and in a metaphysical level you are telling to the Universe “this is what I want to do, have or be”, this is it. So you are placing your order to Divinity, you are being clear so you can be heard.

So this is the first habit to become accustomed to the Law of Attraction: The Power of Intention and begins by answering the question What do I want?, and narrowing to the present moment by answering: What do I want Now.

So let’s play with that and let’s be open to miracles!

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Stela Ahau

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