Why you should consider Niche Blogging to get Free Traffic

niche blogging free traffic

When I first started with online marketing I didn’t know what to do, there are so many options: google ads, facebook ads, social media, email marketing, youtube, etc. And along the way one learns from all this, but in the end one comes to choose a strong point that one can fully develop. In my case, I chose to focus on the niche blogging as a source of traffic for these 5 reasons:


  1. Niche blogging allows you to attract qualified prospects. As the site is dedicated to a single niche, the people who visit it will naturally be interested in other posts and are more likely to spend more time on your site and be interested in the products or services that you recommend.


  1. As I comment in the title, the niche blogging is a way to build a source of traffic that has no monetary cost, since it is built with your time and effort, but in the long run it will attract visitors in an increasing way and it will be for free attracting clicks from search engines like google, yahoo, etc.


  1. Niche blogging allows you to offer something of value to people to build trust. If you provide valuable information in your post, and it is useful to people, then you create the necessary confidence to be able to recommend some payment tools that will really help them.


  1. You create a space for the long term. Ads or even posts on facebook or instagram are fleeting, you only shine for a while and they disappear and you have to keep injecting money, instead creating a niche blog your posts will be evergreen, anyone can find them at any time and they will remain in force and in view in the long term, since search engines also favor the publications with greater antiquity, giving them more authority.


  1. It allows you to approach a problem from different angles and offer different solutions but related to the same niche, so you will be educating your client or prospect. It may even be that browsing your blog discover that you need some new things that you did not take into account before.


PLUS: 5 tips to be successful in niche blogging

However, you have to take into account that niche blogging requires a good job to make it work, so I recommend these 5 points to keep in mind for your niche blogging strategy:

  • First things first, the design, the theme of your site and its optimization must be well founded, for this I recommend you take an in-depth course on wordpress so that your site is optimized both as a blog and to be able to host your ads or leader capture forms, etc. and that you don’t have to be after patching your site trying to fix it when it got off to a bad start. It is better to start well, here is an article where I talk about the wordpress course that helped me the most to start: Read HERE
  • Write at least 3 articles per week. If more is possible then it would be better since you need to have between 50 and 100 articles to start driving traffic. What I do is combine very detailed articles with some easier to digest and I rely on a spinner or AI to make these articles simpler and that takes me only a few minutes a day, I talk about how I use this tools here: “Is Content Spinning Any Useful? Cons Pros & Tips”
  • Make sure you do your keyword research and optimize your articles to attract netizens searching for that keyword on the internet. If you use wordpress, having the yoast plugin makes your work easier as it helps you check all the SEO points that each of your articles needs.
  • Create articles with attractive titles such as “how to do (objective) without (hassle)”, or “why consider x to achieve y”, also in the titles it is very good to use numbers like “5 tips for (objective), and also Creating articles with questions is very attractive, for example one of the programs that I use to create simple but interesting articles allows to put the questions in a list and the AI ​​creates the answers, here I wrote a little more about it.
  • Something fundamental is to use your niche blog to build your email list! This is one of the main objectives of affiliate marketing and a niche blog is the perfect place to collect data from your visitors by giving them something of value in exchange for it. What I use is a gift icon that floats throughout the site, when people click it tells them the title of the gift that can be a course or an ebook or webinar and the boxes of their data, this is a flirty and fun to attract your prospects and draw attention to sign up. Here is the link of the tool I use: https://stelaahau.com/giftmachine

I hope all this information helps you to have success creating passive income with niche blogging! Blessing to you all.

You can find me here: https://stelaahau.com

My Awakening Blog: http://zeropointawakening.com/


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