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Hello Friends and affiliate marketers,

As you may know affiliate marketing is one of the major opportunities on the internet to make some money, from just a hundred of dollars to millions, but, we also know it can take some effort to get results, sometimes spend a lot in ads trying to sell something.

That is why Niche Blogging is such a great opportunity to get free traffic and save a lot in ads, but the problem is that it can be very slow to get a site up to get enough traffic, and as you may know all is about content.

Content has to be original, natural, attractive, unique, and constant, very constant. For example, a site has to be approximately 30 – 50 optimized articles (with enough words, be interesting, with SEO, etc) to start to track some traffic from google which is the main source of free traffic, and if you think about that for the majority of persons this can take a while, especially if you have a job and are just starting with affiliate marketing part-time.

For example for me at the beginning, I start to make like 2 or 5 articles per week, so I needed 10 weeks or almost 3 months at least to have the first clicks from google, but of course, there is only the beginning because to have sells you have to have a lot of clicks, at least 100 per day can give you more chance, and for that, you need to create more and more content at an astronomical scale and speed.

That is why I use some tools to help me create content and then I can put my personal posts along with some other posts that are not directly created by me but that are also very interesting, high quality, and save me a lot of time to have enough content to create good traffic.

The first tool that I use is Spinner Rewriter (the only spinner I use) a service that uses a very nice technology to rewrite any content you have as a “seed” article and make it unique, the only problem I see is that you have to have those seed articles previously and choose them well to pass copy-scape. (that’s why if you’re interested in this service I include a great database of thousands of seed articles copyright-free as a bonus).

You can see Spinner Rewriter in action HERE.

But recently the technology continues amazing us and now we can use Artificial Intelligence to create content from zero, yeah, no spun content, but content that this AI creates and seems totally original, human, natural, and always passes copy scape. This can save a lot of time and effort, and money because to pay in a site like Fiverr for an article of only 400-500 words can cost 25 – 50 dollars, and this tool can give you a lot of articles for a fraction of that.

This is very cool, for example, this app can create content in three styles:

Standard: You provide the initial sentence to inspire the AI to create your article.

Q&A: You give it a list of questions to create your article with the answers to that questions

FreeStyle: Fastest and easiest way to create an article just select a niche, language, and how many articles you want and that’s all.

It has options to create articles in multiple languages, to integrate with your WordPress site, and much more… really this changes the game.

See the Demo of this AI to create your content HERE

I hope this info helps you to succeed,

Best Regards


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