SEO Basics – Introduction to SEO

What is SEO

when I first started on the internet marketing world and with affiliate marketing I had no idea of all the different ways to attract people to your offer or website. One of the main ones is SEO or Search Engine Optimization that implies techniques about:

  • How you built your website.
  • What content you put in in.
  • What keywords you use.
  • What tags you put.
  • And all about the structure of the content with the purpose of ranking on search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc.

History of SEO

The origin of all this that we have to be careful of, were the ads in google because the first website owners notice that if they put the keywords that advertisers were using in their ads the search engines were going to find their websites and show them on the first pages of search results to the public who were looking for a specific product or topic.

Since then there has been an interest to refine techniques to help the website business owners to rank on Search Engines, in general looking for what is going to facilitate the ranking and avoid what is going to block it. And if we do it carefully, ethically (no spam or black hat practices), and providing value on the content of our website, then we can be rewarded with good exposure on search results.

The importance of Keywords in SEO

Keywords are the main pillar on SEO, and at the beginning of the internet you could just put them repeatedly or in metatag descriptions and they were gonna be found even if the website, in general, has no high content quality. But those times have passed, and now the search engines look for the keywords to be only a percentage of the content and this content has to have uniqueness, quality, and relevance.

Keyword Tips for SEO

  1. Use a Keyword planner to pick the most convenient keywords that are those with good search volume but less competition. (you can use Google Keyword planner is free and can give you a sight of this, I’m going to talk about more about this tool in a later post).
    • This is because if you choose high competition keywords, even if you follow all the SEO rules your website is going to be at the bottom of the bottom because there is a lot of people competing for a place with that keyword.
  2. Look that the main keyword that you want to target is no more than 2% of your total content.
  3. You can put your keywords anywhere but keep in mind that if you use them in headers or at the beginning of the paragraph and in bold letters then they can have more relevance for SEO.

These are very crucial tips, but now I have to say that SEO is something that we still learning like a piece of our Internet Marketing procedure. It is in constant evolution as artificial intelligence is growing on the search engines, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot have results, by the contrary even with the more basic principles of SEO we can rank our site to attract profoundly qualified leads, with a high action and reaction rate.

PS. After you have implemented the first principles of SEO in your site, index your webpage on google search console to it can be founded by google more quickly, I’ll be writing about that in a next post.

Thanks for reading, blessings for you and see you soon, please if you liked the post, comment, share, and smile. 😀


Stela Ahau


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