Comparing IngramSpark and KDP: Which Publishing Platform Holds the Upper Hand?

Comparing IngramSpark and KDP: Which Publishing Platform Holds the Upper Hand?

If you are a self-publishing author, you’ve likely heard of IngramSpark and Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), two prominent platforms that distribute both ebook and print books. But which platform is the better one for your book?

In this article, we will compare IngramSpark and KDP, weigh the pros and cons of each platform, and help you decide which one will suit your needs.

Introduction ##

IngramSpark is a publishing platform that provides authors and publishers with a range of print-on-demand (POD) and ebook services. It was launched in 2013 by Ingram Content Group, a renowned book distributor that reaches over 40,000 online retailers, libraries, and institutions. KDP, on the other hand, is Amazon’s publishing platform that distributes ebooks and print books exclusively through Amazon’s sales channels.

Now let’s explore in detail the differences and similarities between IngramSpark and KDP.

Print-on-Demand Services ###

One of the main differences between IngramSpark and KDP is their approach to print-on-demand services. KDP offers print-on-demand services for paperbacks and hardcovers through Amazon’s sales channels. In contrast, IngramSpark provides a wider print-on-demand distribution reach and can distribute to brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries.

Royalties and Earnings Potential ###

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a publishing platform is royalties and earnings potential. KDP offers a royalty of 60% for ebooks and 60% minus printing costs for paperbacks distributed through Amazon’s sales channels. IngramSpark, on the other hand, offers a royalty of 70% for ebooks and print-on-demand sales made through Ingram distributors.

Distribution Reach ###

IngramSpark is an aggregate publishing platform that manages distribution for authors. This means that your book will be available for sale on Ingram’s extensive network of retailers and libraries, including Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo, and Australia’s Angus & Robertson, among others. Ingram Content Group offers a wider distribution reach for authors than KDP.

Metadata Control ###

Metadata is critical to book discovery, and every author wants to have better control over their book’s metadata. IngramSpark gives authors more control over their metadata than KDP, enabling authors to add BISAC codes, catalog descriptions, and contributors’ details. This level of control allows authors to improve book visibility and sales potential.

Customer Service and Support ###

Finally, customer service and technical support are two critical aspects you should consider when selecting a publishing platform. KDP provides extensive user guides, help forums, and email-based customer support. IngramSpark offers phone and email support, webinars, and a comprehensive online manual to assist authors with their account setup and publishing process.

Conclusion ##

In summary, IngramSpark and KDP are both great publishing platforms, but their differences and similarities might make them more or less suitable for your author goals. Here’s a final comparison of each platform:

IngramSpark ###


  • Larger distribution reach
  • Higher royalties potential
  • Greater metadata control


  • More complicated setup process
  • Limited distribution on Amazon

KDP ###


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Exclusive distribution on Amazon
  • Provides access to KDP Select program


  • Limited print-on-demand reach
  • Lower ebook royalties

Ultimately, the best platform depends on your book’s genre, sales goals, and your personal preferences. Authors who prefer a more extensive distribution reach should consider IngramSpark, while those who prioritize simplicity and exclusive access to Amazon should opt for KDP.

FAQs ##

  1. What is the difference between IngramSpark and KDP?

IngramSpark offers a wider print-on-demand distribution reach, higher royalties potential, more extensive metadata control, and larger support infrastructure. KDP, on the other hand, provides exclusive distribution on Amazon, easy to use, and access to KDP Select program.

  1. Can I distribute my book on IngramSpark and KDP simultaneously?

Yes, you can distribute your book on both platforms simultaneously. However, factors such as royalties and distribution reach can impact your decision to distribute on both platforms or use just one.

  1. Which platform is better for ebook publishing?

IngramSpark has a more extensive distribution reach than KDP and offers higher ebook royalties (70% versus 60%). However, KDP’s exclusive distribution on Amazon can make it a more convenient choice for some authors.

  1. Does IngramSpark offer any marketing or promotional services for authors?

IngramSpark has a range of marketing and promotional services for authors, including book publicity, editorial services, social media advertising, and global book tours.

  1. Can I switch from IngramSpark to KDP or vice versa?

Yes, you can switch from one publishing platform to another, but it may involve some technical steps such as transferring metadata or files. Ensure you review the difference and compatibility with your goals before making the switch.

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