Learn to Develop an AI Tool in Just 2 Minutes, No Tech Skills Required


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the most in-demand technologies in the world, with the potential to transform our way of living and working. However, many of us believe that developing an AI tool requires technical skills and coding. Today we’re breaking that myth and introducing you to a simple and innovative platform that enables you to build an AI tool effortlessly. In this post, we will explain how to develop an AI tool in just 2 minutes without any technical skills and coding.

Building a Custom AI Tool Without any API Keys or Coding

The platform we’re talking about is Aikit.com, which allows you to create custom AI tools without any API keys, technical skills, or coding. You can go to the Aikit.com website and create your own custom tool by signing up or logging in with your Google ID and selecting the playground. On the playground, you can see a list of available templates and models for building your tool.

Selecting the Icon, Title, Subheading, Description, Tags, Model, and Template

Once you’ve entered the playground, the first thing you have to do is select an icon for your tool. Then, you need to input a meta title, subheading, and description for your tool. Afterward, you can select tags and models that best describe your tool. Lastly, select the template that suits your needs.

Generating Catchy YouTube Titles using GPT Models

One of the most exciting features of Aikit.com is its ability to generate five catchy YouTube titles based on the topic you entered. This is powered by GPT models and is ideal for digital marketers who are looking for vibrant YouTube titles to attract audiences.

Keeping the Tool Private or Public

After building your custom AI tool, you have the option to keep it private for personal use or share it publicly. If you decide to share your tool publicly, you will receive a free link to your website.

Optimizing Your Prompt to Make Your Tool Better

The most crucial factor in making your custom AI tool better is optimizing your prompt. This powers the functionality of the tool, and the better your prompt, the more powerful the tool will be. So, it’s important to focus on optimizing your prompt when developing your custom AI tool.

Building Unlimited Free AI Tools and Sharing Them

One of the best things about Aikit.com is that you can build unlimited free AI tools and customize an interface that meets your needs. Once you’ve built your tool, you can share it with friends and colleagues, even sell it publicly.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to Aikit.com, creating a custom AI tool is now convenient and straightforward, allowing everyone to explore AI without any technical background. While the website offers a few models and templates presently, more features and functionalities will soon be available on the site. Developing your custom AI tool is an incredible experience that you can benefit from in multiple aspects, whether it is promoting your business or exploring your curiosity.


  1. What is Aikit.com?
    Aikit.com is an online platform that enables you to build custom AI tools without any technical background, API keys, or coding.

  2. How long does it take to build an AI tool on Aikit.com?
    With Aikit.com, you can build an AI tool in under 2 minutes without any technical skills or coding.

  3. Can I build more than one AI tool on Aikit.com?
    Yes, you can build unlimited AI tools on Aikit.com, and you can either keep them private or share them publicly.

  4. What are the benefits of building an AI tool?
    Developing an AI tool allows you to customize an interface that will meet your specific needs, promote your business, expand your knowledge about AI, and explore new horizons.

  5. Can I generate YouTube titles using Aikit.com?
    Yes, you can generate five catchy YouTube titles based on the topic you’ve entered through the Aikit.com platform. These titles are created using GPT models and are perfect for digital marketers looking for vibrant titles.

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