Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online by Selling Maze Activity Books Worldwide

Looking for a way to make money easily and flexibly? Have you considered selling maze activity books online? It’s a great way to turn your passion for puzzles into a profitable venture. And the best part? You can sell them worldwide, reaching a broad audience and maximizing your profits. In this ultimate beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through all the steps necessary to get started and succeed in the maze activity book business. So, let’s dive in and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit!

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online by Selling Maze Activity Books Worldwide

If you’re someone who’s interested in creative ways to generate income online, then publishing maze activity books on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is certainly worth exploring. These books have a high estimated revenue per month with less competition on Amazon, making it a lucrative opportunity for beginners. In this ultimate beginner’s guide, we’ll take you through the essential steps to get started with publishing maze activity books and making money worldwide.


Publishing on Amazon KDP has become an excellent opportunity for self-publishers. By creating maze activity books, you can expect to earn a significant percentage from your sales. With the right research and determination, it’s possible to earn a steady income from maze activity books. Here we’ll discuss the essential steps you need to start selling these books on Amazon KDP.

Step 1: Niche Research

As with any business idea, researching the market of maze activity books is essential. This research will allow you to determine the demand, competition, and keywords for your listing. You need to explore the niche in-depth to know what makes a perfect maze activity book for kids aged 4-8.

Step 2: Searching the Maze Books on Amazon KDP

Searching for maze books for kids aged 4-8 on Amazon KDP yields about 4,000 results. Analyze these results to identify room for improvement and uncover gaps or underserved aspects of the niche. Also, look for book topics that can resonate with potential readers.

Step 3: Using KDP Spy Extension

Using the KDP spy extension on Google Chrome provides an in-depth analysis of average sales, reviews, and pricing. By analyzing data, you can identify the target competition, keywords, and pricing strategy for your book. Moreover, it helps in identifying profitable niches and keywords to incorporate for higher rankings.

Step 4: Keyword Research

Keywords are essential to the search functionality of the Amazon platform, with proper keyword research being recommended for any book. Keywords for maze activity books include “maze books for kids ages 4-8” and “101 maze books for kids ages 4-8.” In addition, you want your product name and description to include these keywords.

Step 5: Book Creation

The BookBot Studio allows for easy creation of maze activity books with a minimum of 24 pages. Once a file is uploaded, the tool converts it into several maze pages. When creating a maze activity book, ensure it is designed with the target audience in mind. Make sure it is visually appealing and easy to understand.

Step 6: Interior Design and Trim Size

Designing the interior of the book in black and white and using an 8.5 x 11-inch trim size is quite popular. Always make sure that the interior design doesn’t distract from the maze. You want the maze to be the star of the book.

Step 7: Pricing Strategy

It’s advised to price your product lower than the average when you first start to compete with longer-standing sellers. Once your book receives a few reviews and sales, you can begin to increase the price.


Selling maze activity books worldwide is a profitable and sustainable business idea for beginners. Achieving success requires research and determination, coupled with optimizing a quality product. The seven steps outlined above will help get you started on selling Amazon KDP maze activity books.


  1. How long should a typical maze activity book be?
    Ans. A good maze activity book should be a minimum of 24 pages.
  2. Can colored images be used in the book?
    Ans. Yes, you can use colored images in the book.
  3. How should I lower the price of my product than the average to compete with established sellers?
    Ans. Try a slight discount of 5-10% than the average price in the market.
  4. How important are keywords in Maze activity books?
    Ans. Keywords are the Critical key element of Maze activity book for discovery in keyword searches on Amazon.
  5. Can I create a full-time job through selling Maze activity books?
    Ans. With hard work and consistency, it’s possible to earn a substantial income from selling maze activity books on Amazon KDP.

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