Video Marketing Blaster Review & Walkthrough + Discount Coupon

Video Marketing Blaster Review

In this Video Marketing Blaster Review I want to share with all of you this great tool, that I’m glad I found because as a Newbie in the Internet Marketing world we need tools easy to use and that really gives results doing what they claim to do.

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster is an app that you can use to rank on Youtube and Google to have more free targeted traffic very easily because as you know 80% of the traffic nowadays comes from videos, and it is a quick option to rank without knowing about SEO or blogging or to expand what you are doing with those tools

is Video Marketing Blaster legit? I’m my experience yes, it is legit and not a scam. Of course, you have to do a few things like choosing a good keyword but besides that, the Video Blaster app does it work very well.

Video Marketing Blaster Demo and Walkthrough

Video Marketing Blaster upsells

You have the option of beginning with the standard version which has a keyword research tool that works for many languages and regions in case you are interested to target a specific public and the video detail generation which gives you suggested titles, descriptions, and tags that you can put on your video info in order to rank on youtube and Google.

Note – What to look for in the Keyword Research

Look for keywords with less competition and more monthly search volume, also look at the popularity of your keyword through time, this has to be stable and consistent or even growing. Avoid keywords with few monthly search volume or trending going down.

Then besides these two main features we have the PRO tools which are:

  • Niche Analysis: with this tool, you will know how easy is going to be to position your video. Personally I like to know this in advance and also helps you to choose a keyword easy to rank so you have the opportunity to capture the majority of the traffic ranking on the first 5 places on youtube, because even if it is not the most popular keyword, if you are better positioned then your total traffic could be higher than with a keyword where you don’t have so much opportunity to be on the top positions.
  • Video Report: This feature is destinated for make a report for a client. With the Pro version, you have rights to be a consultant and advisor of video ranking using VMB app.
  • Rank Tracker: Is going to make a follow up of your videos day by day giving you the evolution of their ranking position and also their activity like new views and comments. This is very useful because instead of searching every day your keyword and counting your position, this tool gives you all the information day by day so you can measure your results.

Do I have to have the upsells?

From my perspective, I like to know how easy or hard is going to be to rank on the first spots on youtube and also have a follow up of the ranking evolution of my new videos so I decided to have the Pro version, for me is Yes. But of course, you can decide to start only with the standard version that gives you the most important raw material to start ranking which is the title, description, and tag suggestions.

Who Is Video Marketing Blaster for?

For everyone who is looking for an efficient video marketing tool, and it is very friendly with newbies, so I found it perfect for people new on the internet marketing because with a few clicks you have all the work done.

Also is perfect to start a new business helping other people to rank the videos, or their local businesses, even the app has a pro feature called “Local” which is a special tool to rank videos in a specific city or region.

Where can I buy Video Marketing Blaster? Are there any Video Marketing Blaster coupons or discounts?

Some people are asking me where did I buy Video Marketing Blaster at discount, and I went back and found the coupon that I used, so here is the link (I hope is still working, it is for 70usd saving discount):

Thanks for reading,

See you in the next post, warmly

Stela Ahau


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