The Best Free Traffic Source to Get Targeted Visitors

Many people are currently looking for free and organic traffic, and of course, the king of everything is still the Search Engines, however, aside from Google, what other options of free traffic sources we have and above all that they can generate quality traffic and attract targeted visitors?

The most popular option for this challenge are the social media platforms, but the problem that I have seen with that is that besides the fact that you need enough followers, and have to be creating popular content, this content gets lost through time because is only popular during the day that you published it and promote it. But there is a “Social Media Platform” that is different, and that is Pinterest, yes, and I will explain why you should consider it one of your top tools to get free traffic with targeted visitors.

1. What is Pinterest?

pinterest as free traffic sourceAll people say is a Social Media Platform, but is it?, really if you have used Pinterest before you will know that if you enter Pinterest you do everything but talking with people or comment. So what is Pinterest then? well, I’ll say it, it is a Search Engine, yep, just like google but visually, like a large visual library. 

And what are people looking here? Inspiration, Good looking images that give messages and connect with information. Each image or “pin” can be linked to a website so if you see a cake you can go to the recipe or if you see a piece of information you can go to the complete article by the link on the pin.

And this is very important because your content there can be immortal, if it is relevant and SEO optimized (look here if you don’t know what SEO is)  it is not going to be lost in time, it can be encountered by targeted visitors that use Pinterest as a search engine, and moreover, the boards of Pinterest are taking the first results on google by far! so you can rank in Google also if you have built popular boards about keywords that people are searching.

2. Is Pinterest worth it? The Facts

Pinterest reached 400 million users in July of 2020, and we can see that the search on the internet is getting more visual with this platform. First, it was the women who embraced Pinterest but now more and more men are also joining, some to get ideas and inspiration and some others to sell the ideas, inspiration, and products.

And that’s the other thing if you’re in the e-commerce niche, Shopify, Woocomerce, Amazon affiliates, etc, then you have to be on Pinterest because, a third of the users on Pinterest, say that they use the platform to follow brands and companies (Statista 2019) and it is the platform that has the largest growth for US audience (+27% in 2019) and at least 50% of their total users are from the US also, this can be a decisive factor to have a presence in Pinterest because reach US audience is one of the main objectives of the internet marketers.

As a proof of the power of Pinterest like Search Engine, we have the fact that it had 200 Billion Text Searches on the year 2019, and I’m sure that this is going to be exponentially growing on the next years, and also has the feature of “Search by image” which looks for similar images that can be of interest to the user… a world of possibilities!. Look how Pinterest incentive the searching behavior with these colored squares:

pinterest search squares

But are this Pinterest public buying stuff? Well, according to The Insides published by Shopify the average order value from Pinterest traffic is around $80 which is higher than other social networks, and the double of the people referred from Facebook. And for all this and more, 28% of the Worldwide marketers are already using Pinterest!

3. A Plus that any other Social Media has: Tribes

There you are trying to attract people to your site, and saying “hey share my stuff”, “anybody shares my stuff”… and the answer is this:

Yeah, everybody has been there, right? but what if you can exchange followers with another fellow that has a similar amount of followers as you? potentially both of you could double your audience, because if you have 100 followers and the other fellow the same and exchange a publication then both can now reach 200 people. That would be great right?. But where are going to be people willing to do that? Well with Pinterest there is an option for this and is called Tailwind Tribes.

tailwind app

Tailwind is an official app that helps people to automatize their scheduling of pins, but besides that, they have a super interest feature called Tribes. Tribes are groups of people, generally, with a specific topic in common (same niche) that have joined the tribe to exchange pins, the rule is that you can upload for example 2 pines to the tribe and you have to share 2 pins also, and depending on who is sharing your pins you can reach hundreds, or thousands of views and therefore clicks for that pin.

This thing of Tribes is free (they don’t require a credit card), and each month you have the right to upload 30 pins to exchange in 5 different tribes, this can be a good start, of course, if you want to share more to can buy a Plus Service which is starting from about 9.99USD/month (paid yearly) and look for a Tribe Boost.

Get a Free account at Tailwind + 15 USD credit for Tailwind Plus  

Follow this map I made with the Step by Step to start on Pinterest and Tailwind Tribes:

Guide to begin your free traffic strategy with pinterest

Get a Free account at Tailwind + 15 USD credit for Tailwind Plus  

4. Plugins to Incorporate Pinterest on your WordPress website.

4.1 Social Warfare

This plugin helps you to optimize your website to be more Social Friendly, it has share buttons, a sticky social menu (give you the ability to have floating share buttons follow your readers down the screen when statiWarfare Pluginsc (non-floating) buttons are not in view), and also you can configure how you want the content that people share from your website to look like. 

Especially for Pinterest, to be able to lead how your content is shared is very important because you would like people only share good looking images from your site (appropriate for Pinterest) and that they attach a good description of it, a thing that rarely happens, and that is where this plugin Social Warfare helps a lot because you can decide what they can pin and with what descriptions. 

You can start with a free version and if you need more features like multiple pins for a post, a Pinterest logo over your pinnable images and more you can go for the pro version which is very affordable (only $29 per year). Click here to know more about Warfare:

4.2 GS Pinterest Portfolio

If you have a few pins in your Pinterest profile, wouldn’t be great if there was a feed that shows them on your website to let your visitor know they can follow you there? how about including a feed of a specific board in a post? or have a feed of your latest pins on the WordPress sidebar of your blog? well, with GS Pinterest Portfolio all that is possible and free.

The plugin does its work, it is fast to load, mobile-friendly, suitable to all browsers, and easily customizable. You can see my sidebar with a Pinterest Feed on my sidebar here in my blog. They have also a Pro version that you can check but for me with the free features is more than enough. You can see my sidebar with a Pinterest Feed on my sidebar here in my blog.

Know more about Pinterest Portfolio here

5 Conclusion

Pinterest is a great opportunity to get free traffic and get targeted visitors to your site, of course, it requires a little bit of time and creativity to take off, but it has all the elements for you to succeed if you are constant in your pinning and keep learning more about it.

Personally I have found a very responsive platform to my blogs there, and I love that also it allows me to be creative and use colors and design in my pins, at the beginning your pinning can be basic and primitive but don’t stop for that!,  like everything else in life if you keep practicing you become better and better and I’m sure that you and Pinterest have a great future.

I hope this information can inspire you to learn more about this amazing free traffic source and had been interesting for you. Thanks for reading, and remember if you learn something interesting and you liked it please comment, share and smile!

Kind regards,

Stela Ahau


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